The People’s History Museum’s Labour Party Archive

The People’s History Museum archive of Labour Party material offers an exceptional array of papers from the Party’s inception in 1900 to the present and totals more than 2,340 boxes.  The main body of the collection consists of a full run of the minutes of the National Executive Committee.  The collection also contains papers of other committees and sub-committees such as the War Emergency Workers’ National Committee.  Papers regarding general elections and departments such as the Research Department and International Department are also held within the collection.  The archive also holds papers of the General Secretaries’ such as those of James Middleton and Morgan Phillips.

Other papers held within the Labour Party collection include the records of the Women’s Labour League 1906-1918, the Council of Action papers 1920-1921, the Arthur Henderson papers 1915-35 (first Labour cabinet minister and long-term leader of the Labour Party), the papers of the early socialists such as the correspondence of Frederick Pickles from 1885 to 1907 (executive secretary to Keir Hardie, founder of the Labour Party) and the correspondence of Henry Alfred Barker from 1882 to 1933 (prominent socialist and trade unionist and Labour Party member).

Sections of the Labour Party collection are catalogued and can be accessed via Access to Archives.